About the consortium


The ongoing pandemic has highlighted the need for in-depth, scientific analysis based on reliable data and evidence. The vision of the project is to create the scientific basis for data and analysis-based decision making in the fields of health, disease control and ecosystems in our country. By bringing together the three areas, new synergies will be created through innovative surveillance systems, big data methods and mathematical modelling

The National Laboratory for Health Security brings together and coordinates research groups that have been working separately in the country, facilitating networking and creating a collaborative research community that is of great importance on the international scene.


The divisions of the project are epidemiology, epidemiological ecology, invasion biology and data-driven health.

Consortium leader: University of Szeged

Consortium members:


Semmelweis University


Rényi Alfréd Mathematical Research Institute


Social Sciences Research Centre


Research Institute of Computer Science and Automation


Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Óbuda


Eötvös Loránd University


Biological Research Centre of Szeged


Pázmány Péter Catholic University


Centre for Ecological Research


University of Pécs


Research Institute of Veterinary Sciences


Agricultural Research Centre


University of Veterinary Medicine


Hungarian University of Agricultural and Life Sciences


Neumann Nonprofit Public Benefit Ltd.




Total project cost: 8 321 000 000.-Ft

Faculty of Social Sciences grant amount: 100 000 000.-Ft

Rate of aid: 100%.